I am happy to present the new homepage for Dresslash, who have chosen me as their ambassador.

It is hard to curb our enthusiasm for the new beauty trends in eyelash lengthening and eyelash thickening. This charismatic trend fascinates even the most casual viewer. Our unique method makes it easy for anyone to turn their eyelashes into an artwork.

Enthusiastic customers immediately see that their eyes look young, fresh and expressive. Many of them don’t want to be “seen” without this minimum treatment with maximum effect. You can also make this possible for your customers! And they will thank you.

The training for this technique is offered as intensive courses with a maximum of two participants. This high niveau of eyelash extension techniques insures that our certified eyelash extension stylists have received the best possible training.

We choose our products carefully to insure that all of our customers recive high quality products that meet the strictest EU regulations.





Written by Larissa