Ich Trffel

Who is not familiar with this wonder burl that is mysteriously hidden in the ground and pleases the noses and palates of its connoisseurs as soon as it crawls out of the earth. We are talking about the precious truffle, the king of mushrooms.

Trffel Spaghetti

Prevalent and popular one can find it on the plates of the people from the Piedmont region. The Piedmont region in Italy is the mecca of culinary delights.


When the leaves fall in autumn and the grapevines change to a colourful dress, the white truffles decorate the menus of the local restaurants. That is when true joy arises and together with some high-class wine the taste buds are stimulated. Some like to combine truffles with fresh pasta, but they also combine superb with eggs or rice. Those who would like to indulge in the magic of the truffle world, should not miss Europe’s largest truffle market. It is held annually every autumn in the picturesque town of Alba. Sophisticated in taste this unique magic burl is incomparable. Some attribute it with triggering an aphrodisiac effect and once consumed, the taste and olfactory senses like to yearn again and again for this culinary delight.

Trffel Salat


Written by Larissa