Who would not want be beautiful and be kissed by the sun every day?

Many people do a lot to achieve this, in order to have nice tan. Perhaps one should deliberate, what alternatives might be around. I assure you, I am no advocate of solariums and hourlong hardcore tanning. The damaging ultraviolet irradiation that enters the skin makes the skin flaccid, it ages faster and the wrinkles become much earlier visible with ageing. Therefore I want to introduce you to a product that I saw this year at Europe’s biggest beauty fair in Bologna:


I-Tan Europe is the name of the company, that makes it possible to be tanned without any damaging substances – 100 % organic and with a high content of aloe vera and antioxidant vitamins.

Tanning ich


What really surprised me was the immediately visible effect. This is followed by a continuing effect, i. e. you will see the final result after 24 hours. You should do the tanning once per week; this way you will always have a nice tan. In Switzerland there are many studios or cosmeticians offering tanning. However I am really fascinated by this product, because it tans the skin perfectly and still with a natural andspotless look.


Unfortunately this device is not represented in Switzerland; should someone be interested, then feel free to write me. The price-performance ratio is right and with me it is less expensive than with other suppliers on the Swiss market.


Written by Larissa