2 Porsche Macan S

“It is simply like a Porsche” one might think. But we are dealing with this noble vehicle not like we do with a normal car, rather we talk about “Macan”, the latest model by Porsche. Following the motto “Who prefers to leave individual tracks, is in no need to follow those of others” Porsche has designed with their latest creation an incredibly beautiful and unique design with all the advantages of a power machine under the hood that propels it.

1 Porsche Macan S

Without compromise this power vehicle unites all its advantages since on the one hand it “dashes” through the streets, on the other hand it offers lots of space for a family or for the sportive personality lots of room for material.

4 Porsche Macan S

The Macan comes in 3 different models and all receive the label “sports car” in a well-earned manner. Driving dynamics, design and outfit bear equal importance. And for those who like it a bit faster, they can chose the turbo version that sets new performance benchmarks in this car category.

5 Porsche Macan S

Even a normal mortal may test himself as racing driver and test his driving skills with a new edge.

8 Porsche Macan S

This extravagant car promises thrill and pure adventure on four wheels. It raises the mood and dissolves inner tension by granting free ride, guarantees safety and through its uniqueness discerns itself from other classic sports cars. This way it meets Porsche´s fundamental idea: Performance in full gear and last but not least efficiency consequently realized. Consumption is no topic; it rather is enclosed later on.

It is thrilling to know that the Macan is relatively inexpensive. As a consequence there was increased demand during production and Porsche had to literally “speed up” to meet this demand.

9 Porsche Macan S

Larissa loves elegance combined with speed. “A car must be beautiful”, in that regard she is totally woman. “But equally important are class, style and power, so I feel myself alive”, she says undisguised and shows her most beautiful smile.

Maybe this is the start of new love affair between the young lady and the impeccable Porsche Macan that promises so much adventure



Written by Larissa