Is there the true, unique moment of absolute silence?

Does such a thing at all still exist in a world, where people are flooded by mass media?
Even the globalization has its price. Physically we travel and mobilise at the same time our spirit and our soul by racing from one side of the globe to the other. In our thoughts we are constantly concerned to define our next holiday destination. Products from distant countries overtake us daily as hungry beings and the cosmopolitan functionality in being human is mercilessly tested.

The question of all questions is: “Are we still perceived the way we are“? Are we going to be tomorrow a person of yesterday and with one more lifted wrinkle? In a certain way we all follow such mind games, primarily here in the West.

Distraction as strategy, in such a way so we will not be confronted with our inadequacies? Or that possible troubles will not be able to take hold of us?

Whom and what are we listening to?


“Once you chill out, your spirit rests in yourself, you direct your full attention to silence, then you will achieve clarity. Because, the one who listens will be heard and receives the answer to his question”.
The wise always knew how to be silent. “Talk is silver, silence is golden”. It requires both. But we have two ears and one mouth, therefore we are allowed to listen without a doubt. Both, our fellow human beings as well as our inner core.

Larissa used to meditate daily for one hour:  Then after the her son’s birth she attempted this “good deed“, something that is not really a deed, but more to maintain the natural condition of our “being“. She reduced the daily meditation to fifteen minutes per day.
Because of all that Larissa knows to appreciate the value of these silent moments and she is looking joyfully forward to that special moment when the door to the outside closes and her attention drifts towards the inner realm.

“Meditation helps, to become stress-free, enhances relaxedness, relaxes heart, spirit and body and promotes attention and creativity. Beyond that it promotes consciousness and enhances your own perception.
It is is wellness for our inner life and at the same time a happiness recipe for our health and our wellbeing. We learn to observe our thoughts, to follow the movements and emotions and listen to intuition, that is frequently displaced by outer noise levels and well-meant advices, heteronomous opinions and various information, streaming into our heads and hearts.
This way Larissa carefully pays attention to take consciously time for meditating and to keep the space clean and fresh for her creative ideas.

People who meditate since years, tell us about happiness neurotransmitters like endorphins, that are triggered by the meditative state. “Meditation is the drug of today”, we no longer need substances to experience happy moments. We have it all within us. We just have to evoke it”.

There is excellent literature, audio tapes and on the Internet you will find numerous lectures on that topic. Yet everyone can start by himself, without external help. Simply by sitting or laying down and opening up to that moment. Without distraction, without doing, without company, without instruction. Simply listen, starting the journey to within, relaxing the body, allowing thoughts to float by, letting go of the identification with them, embracing one’s heart inside. Feeding yourself by being what we are. Without judgement.


Written by Larissa