Massage is one oft he oldest arts of healing on the earth. Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) , a Greek doctor who is known as the “Father of medicine”, wrote that massage is the “art of rubbing”. He held the opinion that evey doctor should master the art of massage and in 400 B.C. wrote, “The physician must be acquainted with many things, and assuredly with rubbing.” Classic massage techniques were used on athletes in ancient Greece. Before and after the Olympics, athletes were treated with one or more of 18 different types of massages. The Roman culture adopted massage practices from the Greeks. Julius Caeser had a daily massage to relieve him of headaches and neuralgia.

The origins of the word massage are found in Greek (massein = knead) in Hebrew (massa = touch) and in Arabic, where “massa” means to rub or strike.

Alessia Morellini, a certified naturopath and passionate masseuse, is convinced that every person can strengthen themselves when they are in touch with their own health and well-being. Touch is a valuable gift that affects not only one’s outer shell, but saturates the body and soul. Through the deep relaxation and release from external stress, one can regain their natural rhythm and regain the self-healing powers we all possess. Massage offers a chance for a stronger self-awareness and balance in life. With this comes a strengthened immune system to defend our body from sickness. There are many types of massage and each person can choose the type that suits them best.

“Foot reflexology is great for many different imbalances in the body and really brings the whole body into the flow” said Alessia Morellini, who has many years of experience in this form of healing arts and has witnessed how people can release almost every form of external stress and rediscover their inner-self during the treatment. While the individual zones and organs are stimulated, the body is able to harmonize with itself and the patient is freed form problems such as headaches and gastrointestinal cramps. In addition to relieving one of health problems, massage activates the sensory organs, releasing endorphins and treating the mind, the body, and the soul holistically.

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An Indian head massage when you are too stressed to think? A foot reflexology massage for those with a chronic digestive problem? Or even a full body massage program for workaholics?

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Written by Larissa