The company was founded 1984 in Canada. In 1991 the first Mac store opened in New York. Mac Cosmetics is well-known worldwide and a secret tip by make-up artists, models and stars. The makeup artist Frank Toskana and the hair stylist Frank Angelo recognized that there is a lack of products for photo shootings, since the extreme light conditions require a makeup,that triggers a drama effect and at the same time puts a natural look perfectly in the limelight.  


To me Mac Cosmetics is interesting, because they have a wide range of colours available. No matter what you are interested in, if you want to highlight your eye brows more or need a special rouge, at Mac Cosmetics you will find it for sure. Not without reason they are global leaders and got innumerable fans.

The brushes are something I can recommend to anyone,. For me there is no other company with such high-quality brushes like Mac Cosmetics. For me makeup is not just the foundation,  lipstick and mascara, behind all this there is real science. Contour make up is presentlyunbelievably in. The highlights that are set, the colour tones, something that lifts the cheek bones, this results in very beautiful and fresh look. If you attach some eyelashes made of real hair, then you have the perfect look to feel well.

1.  Without make-up


2. Contours made up


3. Eye brows


4. Complete make-up

Fertig Mac 2

Fertig Mac



Written by Larissa