Each visit to London is something special. One feels overwhelmed by the size of the big wheel Goldeneye, even more if one considers that this is the third largest big wheel of the world. It was assembled in many different countries and in my opinion it is a real piece of art. This picture was taken on the bridge that leads to Big Ben. Something that well recognizable is the Hotel Marriots Country Hall. This 5 star hotel is under any circumstances a first class choice, if you are looking for a luxurious stay.

HYPERLINK  http://www.marriots.de/


What surprised me a lot are the expensive cars in London’s downtown area. Through the fees, the so-called London congestion charge, driving a car is a real luxury in London’s city. Between 7 AM and 6 PM you pay daily 8 pounds (11.90 Euro). London however is a city of 8 millions and in my opinion it is therefore somehow understandable that this fee had to be introduced.


Now, how do you like this picture?

Telefon 1200

Almost nobody is using them anymore these days, but they are one of most popular photo motives. We are talking about a London phone booth.

Something that should also not be missing is the Tower Bridge. This bridge crosses the Thames river …

Brcke Ipad

Karte 1200

Stadt 770

Now you might ask yourself, why in all places one should decide for a side trip to London? Oh well, London is a motley collection of sights. For example you find myriads of flea markets, where something is offered for every taste. There are many museums like Madame Tussaud, the wax museum.  HYPERLINK “http://www.madametussauds.com/london/de/default.aspx”http://www.madametussauds.com/london/de/default.aspx or for example the Guiness World Records Museum:  HYPERLINK “http://www.ripleys.com/wp/gatlinburg/”http://www.ripleys.com/wp/gatlinburg/ that is also a great sight for small visitors.

London is not stingy with opportunities and boredom will not arise. Night owls will not be missed out, since on the culinary side London offers a multitude of multicultural locations and venues to visit.

Hyde Park, the green lung of the city, allows for exhausted shopping tourists an excellent time-out and a breather.

One could phrase it as follows: Many coloured stones come together and form a gaudy heap of magic”. Always great to come back again

Written by Larissa