JACOBS coffee capsules are exceptional for use in Nespresso machines. JACOBS coffee capsules are available in 6 different espresso and 4 different lungo varieties.

I was able to try three of these wonderful coffees. First I tried Lungo delicato.  It offers a strong but delicate roasted flavour and it truly lives up to its name. The pleasurable taste pleases your taste buds long after you have finished your first cup.

IMG_3801The second coffee was the Lungo elegante. A lovely, nutty aroma awakens a well-rounded flavour. Perfect for those who prefer a milder coffee.

The third coffee was the Espresso classico, an intense coffee experience that promises to cure any fatigue with a powerful bouquet of flavour.  The roasting process releases a diverse, complex body, which is suited to please even the pickiest coffee lovers.


Three coffees with three very different characters offer something for everyone and with 10 different varieties, one can try something new at any time. You will never have to experience a boring cup of coffee again when you explore the versatile variety of coffees from JACOBS.

Written by Larissa