1. How was the idea born to start Luxusmetropole.com ?

Luxusmetropole was created when I went out to eat with my friend Alessia at the “White Elephant” restaurant in Zurich. We talked about what would make me happy and I told her: “I want to enrich the world with my existence, with my creativity and my sense for fashion”. Even as a schoolgirl I dressed up in an exceptional manner. Some liked it so much that they bought the same items. Others did not know what to do with it. But that is exactly what fashion is all about. Not everything is supposed to follow the rules. Red shoes, red belt, red bag. Already back then I found this quite boring.

2. What can you tell us about the name Luxusmetropole? What do you perceive as luxury? Your associations? What do you connect with luxury?

A lot of people think luxury is expensive and that luxury is just for the rich and beautiful. I think it is luxury to get up in the morning and to be free of cares. Luxury is to be healthy, to have the chance to stimulate one’s mind and do this with many beautiful things like for example good food, to meet a nice person or to dress well.

To love and to be loved is for me the greatest luxury.

Metropolis signifies for me the whole world. There is so much that Zurich, Berlin or Dubai have to offer, something that triggers love of life. And that is how the name came about.

3. What do you want to make enable for the readership of Luxusmetropole.com? Which target audience do want to attract with your blog?

I want to create a platform, where people can exchange ideas. I intend to build a certain relationship with the readership. It is supposed to be a blog for people to collaborate. If they want to. It is not supposed to deal exclusively with myself. That implies I will reveal my personality to people, but I also want that companies and readers alike identify with Luxusmetropole. It is not an online paper, that serves solely to inform. It is supposed to become a community.

It would please me if I can inspire people. And there are no guidelines or limitations who belongs to my target group.

4. What signifies fashion and beauty for you?

I think beauty is so individual that I could write a novel about this. Beauty is an inner talent that every human being should convey to the outside.

I always recognize beauty if it triggers an unimaginable beautiful feeling in me. It can be a movie scene, an item of clothing in a shop window on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse or my son’s beautiful laughter.

Beauty is the perfection of the moment. If I think about what creative world our fashion designers offer us, then it is almost a pity that this is of relative importance in Switzerland. A country that actually has the resources. This is exactly what I want to change.

5. Do you have a favourite designer? If so, what makes him so special to you?

I like the fashion of Valentino. He always creates very feminine clothes and shoes that can transform every woman into a “vamp”. He stands for elegance and still he has an extraordinary style. Exactly my thing.


6. What advice do you give to people who wish to consult a style advisor? How are they supposed to proceed? What should they look out for?

They should have some courage. What sense does it make if you see a style advisor and then don’t want to change anything? Have the courage to change yourselves and to grow. To consult a style advisor is something very personal. What I personally like is to always wear at least three colours. Accordingly one should wear clothing with the proper style. Not every piece of clothing looks equally good with different people. This applies to me as well.

7. What distinguishes Luxusmetropole.com from other beauty and fashion blogs?

Luxusmetropole.com will always be a part of me. I don’t intend to focus on just one topic, but want to write about everything that I find enriching. It is not merely a fashion blog, but it also deals with lifestyle, travel as well as everything that moves me and the world.


8. How do you envision the future? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I think that with good planning of our concept we have paved a path for a nice development.

Wernher von Braun said: “Anything that people imagine, can be realized”.

And it is my wish that I will make a lot of people happy with Luxusmetropole. And who knows, maybe I will design my own fashion collection one day.


9. What advice do you give people who want to be beautiful and successful today?

No matter how difficult it may appear to be, it’s worth it to try. And don’t let them tell you it is impossible. Try to give your best every day and don’t compare yourselves with others. All of you are a very special human being. You may put yourselves into the limelight with shoes, bags, accessories and beautiful clothes and brighten up your day. This way you initiate a positive spiral. This will effect beauty and success.

Written by Larissa