Dolce Gusto Espressos

Coffee intensively activates and stimulates all of our senses and nothing brings our taste buds to life better than a dark, noble brew. The 7 unique flavours of Dolce Gusto Espresso add a new dimension to this pleasure by offering a well crafted, one of a kind flavour for each day of the week.  Even the most sophisticated coffee drinker will be satisfied with what Dolce Gusto offers. As Dolce Gusto says, “where else could you find perfection 7 times?”

Allow yourself to taste the coffee culture of foreign and exotic countries through the complex, multi layered flavour of Dolce Gusto espressos.The Espresso (100% Arabica) offers an elegant flavour with a fruity bouquet.The Espresso Intenso offers a rich flavour with hints of almonds and spices, with a trip to Italy in every cup.


Dolce Gusto Boundi develops its flavour in an intensive roasting process, offering a fascinating mix of Arabica and Robusta coffees.The Ristretto is a delicacy that seduces coffee drinkers with a bouquet of nut flavours.The Barista offers a surprising hint of lemon and amaretto, which allows one to taste the warm, inviting south.

The Ristretto Ardenza practically overwhelms you with a bouquet of sinfully delicious rich chocolate flavours. Every taste is catered to and variety is guaranteed.

Creativity is awakened by all of our senses and Dolce Gusto Espressos can play a leading role in this process. Anyone who enjoys the pleasure and relaxation of a delicious espresso knows that it is not only a wonderful experience, but can also help them find their own creativity. “Be an espresso’nist” allows every coffee lover to be an artist and gives him or her a chance to win a trip to New York or one of 10 Dolce Gusto machines. This drawing is unfortunately only valid for participants in Switzerland and Lichtenstein at the address https://espressonist.dolce-gusto.ch.

Dolce Gusto Espresso is also giving you a chance to win one of their sweet Limited Edition Dolce Gusto Genio Mini machines. All you have to do is post your artwork online (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) openly with the hashtag #dolcegustoespressonist and you will automatically be entered in the drawing. The hashtag plays a central role in the drawing, so that Dolce Gusto can see the posts and feature them on their website .

On Monday, 18 May the big event took place at the Zurich HB (main station). Here is a link to the video.  A similar event will take place on 1 June 2015 in Basel. Don’t miss it! I highly recommend these 7 delicious temptations. Take your senses on a trip into the delicious world of coffees. Dolce Gusto Espressos can awaken a tired mind, revive your senses and give you and your friends enjoyable conversations and coffees. Why choose only one flavour when you can seven winning flavours whenever you’d like?


Written by Larissa