Chez Byblos Restaurant in Zürich

A few days ago, the Chez Byblos Restaurant opened in Zurich.  Chez Byblos is a stylishly furnished restaurant in zone 5 in the heart of Zurich.

My friend and I arrived with great anticipation to try some items from their menu yesterday. We were both quite impressed with their rich, diverse menu and I don’t believe I have ever had such a delicious meal. The tastefully prepared menu stimulated all of our senses and relaxed pleasure was our companion the entire evening.


We chose a Prosecco as a starter and immediately felt at home. The size of the bar is comfortable, perfectly fitting my taste. Although the restaurant was quite busy, the bar did not seem crowded. The dimmed lighting and mustard-coloured walls offer a sense of security and relaxation. The restaurant does not follow any particular trend, but in my opinion it offers a place for one to relax their soul in the hectic world we live in.


While my companion and I don’t yet know much about oriental cuisine, we chose a variety of Mezze, a Lebanese specialty. They then proceeded to serve Hummus, Moussakka, Warak Inab, Fatayer, Kibbé, Falafel, Babaghanusch and Taboulé. It was absolutely fantastic! Each Mezze was a delicacy of it’s own. Zaib, the head of the restaurant staff, clarified in detail exactly what we were eating. At one point, he winked at us and said he would make sure he didn’t serve us too much at one time. “If you are too satisfied with what you have eaten, you lose your sense of taste for the next course.” We found what he said to be true.


During our meal, we drank “Château Ksara” a Lebanese wine which I can highly recommend. An aromatic, full flavoured wine, with hints of fiery spices and liquorice.

To cap the evening off, we were served a deliciously prepared Dorade (sea bream) as a main course. This is a specialty of the house served with fresh herbs and the finest olive oil, a delicious combination that was a real treat.

image1 Kopie

I recommend the Chez Babylos restaurant to anyone who is looking for a relaxing restaurant with friendly and attentive staff and a spectacular menu.

An attractive culinary journey into a world of oriental cuisine.

Written by Larissa