As soon as Larissa started her apprenticeship she had big plans. She burned with pleasant anticipation, because soon she would be the proud owner of Casadei shoes. With her first salary she wanted to reward herself back then with Casadei´s latest creation and intended to spend her first own money on them.


It was really worth it, since the shoes would enhance her individuality and femaleness and carry her well through life.

These shoes were individually adapted to her feet. With them she would walk through the world from now on, on long slender legs, proudly elevated and a feminine enthusiasm. As her very own property that reaches well above her knees.


These leather boots are still in her shoe rack and still shine in full freshness. They are timelessly beautiful, versatile and elegant.

Larissa had to wait six weeks for her desired shoes. She almost could not believe that soon they would be available. In her imagination she already walked with boots and overwhelmingly happy through the streets of Zurich and could hardly anticipate the moment. Then finally the moment arrived and she bristled with joy over her latest purchased piece of art.

Casadei shoes have a reputation of uniqueness. The models give evidence of world class and first class design.

Since 1958 the Casadei Company based in San Mauro, Italy, designs shoes and fashion and foresees the trend for the next season with sensitivity and surprising creativity. Since half a century they triumph again and again with their latest creations that make the heart of some style-conscious woman beat higher. Innovation and tradition go hand in hand and gift their muses with a feeling of dignity and sophistication.

Different high-quality leathers are combined with shiny, shimmering stones and pearls made of plastic, Perspex or nylon. They are true eye-catchers and seasonal seducers that make the eyes of a woman or a man shine through their different patterns, colors, textiles and the playfully creative synthesis. Starting with sandals that made Casadei world-famous, the product range of shoes extends from footwear of elegance to more sportive models.

Today the Casadei Company records a business growth of up to 20 % per year and is present in Russia, USA, China and many other countries. The success of this Italian company is based on the understanding for never ending loyalty towards their customers, highest quality and a consciousness for brand, trend and fashion.

Beyond that Casadei is also represented on the Internet with www.casadei.com and soon they will open the first online shop for hungry fashion hearts and trendsetters the world over. This Italian company combines proudly the cooperation with the up and coming designer Prabal Gurung, who designed in 2013 for Casadei the latest (spring/summer) shoe collection.

Each collection surprised Larissa anew and she follows the development of Casadei with open eyes and new inclination.

Which new pair will be soon in her possession? Just ask her …


Written by Larissa