On Thursday evening, a Blogger and press event took place at Scharfmacher. Accompanied by Music, appetizers and the finest Apéro, we had the chance to see what upcoming trends in sunglasses will be popular this summer from, among others, Lindberg from Denmark, Strade del Sole from Switzerland and Hamburg Eyewear from Germany.




Overall, I was fascinated by the design from Lindberg. Lindberg has won 8 international design awards with their glasses and is without a doubt a premier class product. The sunglasses show a refined level of workmanship and one can customise the glasses to meet their individual wishes. If you want them in gold or set with diamonds, anything is possible. Anne Priess, The Global Communications Manager, told me that there are customers that order glasses for anywhere from a few thousand Francs up to the price of a sports car.




Strada del Sole impressed me with how flexible their glasses are. The sunglasses don’t break, even if you sit on them, and they can quite practically be worn as a hair clip.

And last but not least, my opinion on Hamburg Eyewear. In comparison to other extravagantly designed brands, Hamburg Eyewear did not stand out immediately, but their simple, subtle, and attractive design is definitely a trendsetter and worth a second look.

If you are in the market for a new pair of glasses, I highly recommend going to Scharfmacher at Lagerstrasse 18c, 8004 Zurich. The customer assistance and service was extraordinary.








Written by Larissa