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Anja Sun Suko is surrounded by an exotic flair of freshness, elegance, sensuality and colour play. One could almost think a mermaid emerges from coral-coloured waters and unveils the depth and beauty of the underwater world with glamour and naturalness.

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Sure enough this young lady, who is originally from Switzerland and whose real name is Anja Braendli, reveals aesthetic things. However there are clothes in a gorgeous style, inspired by Indonesia’s wonderful nature, the current residence of this designer – they spoil the observer’s eye and flatter one’s senses. Thereby she weds her unique fashion classic and casual elements with a professional attention on individuality and uniqueness. Sexiness is not missed out with her creations and she loves to combine colourful fabrics with selected accessories in a stylistically confident manner.


The fascination of the flower and colour patterns diversity, that are typical for fabrics from Bali, crown and enchant Anja Sun Suko’s fashion and inspire the form and structure of her creations. This way Anja Sun Suko wants to offer every woman the opportunity to select a dress from her broad-based collection by offering tolerable prices for High Fashion.


Anja Sun Suko was founded in 1998 and won the same year the Prix Bolero. This label’s secret s possibly based in the fusion of Swiss concept with Balinese charm. The Collection comprises fashion for women and men, clothes, bathing fashion, sportswear, shoes and bags and last but not least selected accessories. You may order online through  HYPERLINK “http://www.anjasunsuko.com/”www.anjasunsuko.com. Likewise there are diverse boutiques worldwide that also feature Anja Sun Suko in their range of goods.

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Now this young talented designer has designed under her label a new line called Anja Sun Suko night, adorned with extravaganza and glamour, triggering holiday feelings. Here Anja Braendli focuses completely on haute couture and each designed piece is elaborately and precisely designed and perfected.

ich anja

“Sensitivity, glitz and elegance are being aligned with fabrics in form and style, exotic seduction presented in its perfection”.




Written by Larissa