Larissa C., Fashion Director of Luxusmetropole, born in 1987, dipped early into the fashion world and photography and was flown in a.o. by star coiffeur Valentino to Las Vegas, where she presented a fashion show with her own individuality to the world in elegant clothes and a surprising hair style. In doing so elegance always assumed an important role in the life of this young lady, since she loves to combine her flair and different styles, to express this. She wants to share her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle with the world and interested individuals.

Larissa is the mother of a 16 month old son. With his birth she was born again too, by unfolding her own creative power with the creation of Luxusmetropole.com.

Through her multicultural background, born as Croatian and raised in Switzerland, she has the instinct and the interest in different cultures. Besides she has a fascination for photography, something that is to her the higher art of portrayal and appearance. She loves the play of colours and to revive her inner vision in pictures. This way she intends to present fashion paired with beauty from her individual viewpoint. But this alone is insufficient. Rather it has more to do with transporting and conveying emotions. Emotions accentuate the beauty of individuality. By finding oneself through a person’s outfit that reflects one’s own mood, this person can blossom and feel full beauty of the self.
Even as a small girl Larissa was a magnet for her environment. She inspired others through her clothes and styles and determined the rhythm for personal fashion consciousness. Soon she recognized that she had a special feel for the zeitgeist of fashion.

Larissa is convinced that every human being has its own, unmistakable and unique beauty and it is her concern and great joy, to unfold this in that individual.
Immortalising moments, keeping memories alive;
“ … back then in Croatia by the sea, the sun was setting, the evening stars danced in the sky already, I enjoyed the breath of the sea, the breeze caressed my skin and my feet sank into the warm sand. My blue summer dress touched gently my ankles and that very moment I felt, that beauty, flowing through my eyes into the world, always has its own perfection, something we need to share with each other. Magical, wonderful and endless. And even though it was a unique moment …”.

Beauty is the expression of the soul and reveals itself through the eyes and the body. This, combined with a healthy pinch of self-consciousness, enables fashion & design.
To have the courage, to create yourself and to realize and manufacture your own styling.

“Contribute to our world with new forms, contents, wisdom, elegance and give people the courage, to devote themselves to their own beauty, Larissa C.”

In that sense, dear readers, we welcome this young lady to world of Luxusmetropole, that she generously wants to share with all of you.